Fruit Logistica Berlin

Clear blue sky at the annual Fruit Logistica in Berlin  View more »

Marchfelder Eryngii

A nice basket wiith king oyster mushroom produced by Marchfelder Bio-Edelpilze, Austria. View more »

Mushroom & Substrate Consultancy

Mushroom and Substrate Consultancy was founded in 2007 by Ben van de Vorle. Immediately after the start-up Martin joined the company as a consultant and added essential and rare expertise about compost production to our company. In 2011 we started an intense collaboration with Erik de Groot. His knowledge and expertise about cultivation and picking management, and his ability to speak fluently Spanish (like no other Dutch consultant) made him a welcome reinforcement.

Our key values are quality and honesty. It’s not always easy to be confronted with the facts. Compliments will give you a good feeling, but good critics are much more helpful. And, in the end, it has always brought us happy and loyal clients who trust us. We are also very concerned about our clients, their companies and problems. Our care doesn’t end after our visit and we don’t give up until we reach the desired results.

With the amount of Dutch technology in the mushroom business and us being Dutch consultants, we are inevitably mediators for our clients. This lead to a collaboration with CNC Grondstoffen BV. Together, we started to sell Dutch bulk compost from Holland to Italy in 2009. Since then, this has grown to a total of 500 tons a week.


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