Fruit Logistica Berlin

Clear blue sky at the annual Fruit Logistica in Berlin  View more »

Marchfelder Eryngii

A nice basket wiith king oyster mushroom produced by Marchfelder Bio-Edelpilze, Austria. View more »

Martin van de Vorle

Mushrooms are my passion since the 70’s. Since then I’ve lead different companies to great successes and developed an unmatched experience in management, compost production and cultivation techniques.

My career started in Holland and after starting two farms of my own, I got a great offer in Italy. I’ m always looking for new challenges, so I took the opportunity and moved to Italy. In Italy I was running a company of 300 people on my own at a young age. It was a great experience and it has brought me where I am today.

In 2007 I made a big career switch and became a consultant for my son Ben. Up until now I’m very happy with that decision, because being a consultant fits me perfectly.

As a consultant I consider my strong points being: my experience (especially in compost production), people management, having a critical approach to problems and being dedicated to my work and our clients. In addition, I’m always trying to improve because in my opinion you’re never too old to learn. So, are you looking for an honest independent consultant, with a lot of experience who doesn’t just agree with you but dares to be critical? Please contact us and click here.

Check my Curriculum Vitae here!